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Functional Neurology

Disappearance of haemorrhagic stroke-induced thalamic (central) pain following a further (contralateral ischaemic) stroke.

Case report, 95 - 96
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We report the case of a patient who, following a right thalamic haemorrhage, developed thalamic syndrome characterised by burning pain and hyperalgesia in the left side of the body. Three years later, following a further (contralateral ischaemic) stroke, she reported the complete disappearance of the pain and hyperalgesia. To our knowledge, this is the first described case of disappearance of thalamic syndrome following a second stroke, different in nature from and contralateral to the first. Various hypotheses, based on the nervous tracts and nuclei involved in pain processing, may be advanced to explain this occurrence.

Vol. XXXII (No. 4) 2017 October/December

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  1. Disappearance of haemorrhagic stroke-induced thalamic (central) pain following a further (contralateral ischaemic) stroke.
    Daniele O., Fierro B., Brighina F., Magaudda A., Natalè E.