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Functional Neurology


HUMAN BRAIN PROJECT (HBP), a new mega-project of the EU (Future and Emerging Technologies, approximately 1.1 billion Euros), has been approved and announced this Monday 28, 2013. HBP faces an extraordinary challenge for modern sciences: to integrate available knowledge on the human brain in order to reconstitute its functioning in computo and in silico through advanced informatic plattforms. The goal is to understand brain functioning inner mechanisms, to find new cures for brain diseases, and to generate intelligent computers and robots.

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Vol. XXIX (No. 3) 2014 July/September

  1. Migraine in men: fact sheet. A publication to mark European Migraine Day of Action 2014
    Rossi P., Nappi G.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.149
  2. Serious games for screening pre-dementia conditions: from virtuality to reality? A pilot project
    Zucchella C., Sinforiani E., Tassorelli C., Cavallini E., Tost-Pardell D., Grau S., Pazzi S., Puricelli S., Bernini S., Bottiroli S., Vecchi T., Sandrini G., Nappi G.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.153
  3. High prevalence of incomplete right bundle branch block in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy without cardiac symptoms
    Pons van Dijk G., van der Kooi E., Behin A., Smeets J., Timmermans J., van der Maarel S., Padberg G., Voermans N., van Engelen B.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.159
  4. Health-related quality of life after traumatic brain injury: Italian validation of the QOLIBRI
    Giustini M., Longo E., Azicnuda E., Silvestro D., D'Ippolito M., Rigon J., Cedri C., Bivona U., Barba C., Formisano R.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.167
  5. Motor conduction measurement in myelopathy hand
    Shibuya R., Wada E., Iwasaki M., Yonenobu K., Yoshikawa H.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.177
  6. Hypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis and rehabilitation in patients with complete facial palsy: cohort study of 30 patients followed up for three years
    Dalla Toffola E., Pavese C., Cecini M., Petrucci L., Ricotti S., Bejor M., Salimbeni G., Biglioli F., Klersy C.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.183
  7. Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex enhances memory-guided responses in a visuospatial working memory task
    Giglia G., Brighina F., Rizzo S., Puma A., Indovino S., Maccora S., Baschi R., Cosentino G., Fierro B.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.189
  8. Knowledge of electromyography (EMG) in patients undergoing EMG examinations
    Mondelli M., Aretini A., Greco G.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.195
  9. Long-lasting coma
    Bagnato S., Boccagni C., Sant’Angelo A., Fingelkurts A.A., Fingelkurts Andrew A., Gagliardo C., Galardi G.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.201
  10. Cortical spreading depression: origins and paths as inferred from the sequence of events during migraine aura
    Petrusic I., Zidverc-Trajkovic J.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.207
  11. Chronobiological correlates of headache: three decades on
    Viana M., Nappi G.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2014.29.3.213

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  1. Venous angioplasty in multiple sclerosis: neurological outcome at two years in a cohort of relapsing-remitting patients
    Salvi F., Bartolomei I., Buccellato E., Galeotti R., Zamboni P.
  2. The effectiveness of habit reversal therapy in the treatment of Tourette syndrome and other chronic tic disorders: a systematic review
    Dutta N., Cavanna A. E.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.1.007
  3. Sexual differentiation of the human brain in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation
    Swaab D.F., Garcia-Falgueras A.
  4. Effect of zolpidem in chronic disorders of consciousness: a prospective open-label study
    Thonnard M., Gosseries O., Demertzi A., Lugo Z., Vanhaudenhuyse A., Bruno M.A., Chatelle C., Thibaut A., Charland-Verville V., Habbal D., Schnakers C., Laureys S.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.259
  5. New trends in visual rehabilitation with MP-1 microperimeter biofeedback: optic neural dysfunction
    Verboschi F., Domanico D., Nebbioso M., Corradetti G., Zaccaria Scalinci S., Vingolo E.M.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.285
  6. Depression as a predictor of occupational transition in a multiple sclerosis cohort
    Patten S.B., Williams J.V.A., Lavorato D.H., Koch M., Metz L.M.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.275
  7. Use of botulinum toxin type A in the management of patients with neurological disorders: a national survey
    Smania N., Colosimo C., Bentivoglio A.R., Sandrini G., Picelli A.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.253
  8. Diet transiently improves migraine in two twin sisters: possible role of ketogenesis?
    Di Lorenzo C., Currà A., Sirianni G., Coppola G., Bracaglia M., Cardillo A., De Nardis L., Pierelli F.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.305
  9. Use of health and social care services in a cohort of Italian dementia patients
    Scalmana S., Di Napoli A., Franco F., Vanacore N., Di Lallo D., Giarrizzo M.L., Guasticchi G.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.265
  10. Is an integrative perspective possible in brain sciences?
    Vanacore N.
    doi: 10.11138/FNeur/2013.28.4.251

Early view

  1. Dual task-related gait changes in patients with mild cognitive impairment
    Nascimbeni A., Caruso S., Salatino A., Carenza M., Rigano M., Raviolo A., Ricci R.
  2. Paraneoplastic cerebellar ataxia associated with anti-Hu antibodies and benign ganglioneuroma
    Fancellu R., Corsini E., Bernardi G., Buzzo P., Ferrari M.L., Lamantea E., Garaventa A., Truini M., Salvarani S.
  3. Magnetoencephalography in the study of brain dynamics
    Pizzella V., Marzetti L., Della Penna S., de Pasquale F., Zappasodi F., Romani G.L.
  4. Neurophotonics: non-invasive optical techniques for monitoring brain functions
    Torricelli A., Contini D., Dalla Mora A., Pifferi A., Re R., Zucchelli L., Caffini M., Farina A., Spinelli L.
  5. Authors’ reply to Finsterer and Aliyev
    Bersano A., Bassetti C.
  6. Takotsubo syndrome: consequence or cause of ischemic stroke
    Finsterer J., Aliyev R.
  7. Excitability of spinal neural function during motor imagery in Parkinson’s disease
    Suzuki T., Bunno Y., Onigata C., Tani M., Uragami S., Yoshida S.
  8. Effect of cranioplasty on functional and neuro - psychological recovery after severe acquired brain injury: fact or fake? Considerations on a single case
    Corallo F., Marra A., Bramanti P., Calabrò R.S.
  9. Assessing and restoring cognitive functions early after stroke
    Zucchella C., Capone A., Codella V., Vecchione C., Buccino G., Sandrini G., Pierelli F., Bartolo M.
  10. Influence of intensive multifunctional neurorehabilitation on neuronal oxidative damage in patients with Huntington’s disease
    Ciancarelli I., De Amicis D., Di Massimo C., Sandrini G., Pistarini C., Carolei A., Tozzi Ciancarelli M.G.
  11. Co-occurrence of multiple sclerosis and Thomsen’s myotonia: a report of two cases
    Ashtari F., Bahreini S.A., Zahednasab H.
  12. Neuroimaging-based methods for autism identification: a possible translational application?
    Retico A., Tosetti M., Muratori F., Calderoni S.
  13. Dispositional optimism, depression, disability and quality of life in Parkinson’s disease
    Gison A., Dall'Armi V., Donati V., Rizza F., Giaquinto S.